In 2015 Sophie Stapleford was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour. Being 21 years of age this was a very confronting and scary time for Sophie and her family.

Not only was Sophie fronted with her medical journey, Sophie also had the financial worries of her operation to have the brain tumour removed. The cost of Sophie’s surgery was around $80000.

Anthony Burke Founder of Dine 4 Charity and Hunter Charity Network stepped in and provided assistance with raising money for young Sophie. The Community really rallied around the events and over $70000 was raised.

Although the financial part of Sophie’s journey was supported Sophie still faced the battle of her major operation and her recovery.

Sophie’s Story has touched many people right around the world with over 500000 people being touched by Sophie’s story through social media. When Sophie was at her worst, she still smiled, inspired, showed courage, strength and showed appreciation to the community.

HCNI later in 2016 will be launching a project called Sophie’s Story. The project will help people who have recently been diagnosed with a Brain Tumour. Sophie Story will aim to help those in need, provide support and fund raise to create awareness around Brain Tumours.

We will be offering support and information through a website and information packs.

Sophie’s Story Will Help With:

  • Support Information
  • Contact Information
  • Healthy Tips
  • Research Information
  • Whats Next
  • Support Groups